New Noise Magazine is pleased to be brining forth the exclusive video premiere for “Boxeador” by Jack Names The Planets. The song centers around continuing to get up after being knocked down, akin to being in a boxing ring — which is where parts of the music video are shot. The song’s themes are deep, tying to beating addiction and purifying oneself, with a high amount of energy and fun surging from the band’s vivacious instrumentals. - Sean Gonzales, Writer - New Noise Magazine

Upon a first listen, it becomes clear that Jack Names The Planets is no ordinary New Jersey rock band. Their ska-esque guitar riffs and hoarse vocals are an odd, yet perfect pair, complimenting each other like whiskey and coke. Blasting off after recently released boxing-inspired music video for single “Boxeader”, Nü Sound presents their newest single “Hooks and Alligators” and an exclusive interview on the band’s details! 

- Cait McMAHON /Nu Sound.

"That raw energy is just so catchy. Even in more mellow tracks, you can still really feel how much heart is poured into it—that's what really stands out to me. A lot of bands can make great music, but you can always tell a band that's poured themselves into their music vs someone just going through the motions." - Angela Mastrogiacomo, Writer - Infectious Magazine / Founder CEO - Muddy Paw PR

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