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Hailing from the days just before streaming music, when New Jersey punk shows were a weekly occurrence at local VFWs and seedy venues, Jack Names the Planets endeavors to establish itself in the New Jersey punk scene once again.

The Oberman Brothers Josh, Jarred and Shane along with longtime collaborators Ceep and Adam George have combined wide ranging influences, from NOFX and Rancid to Iron Maiden, bluegrass and the Grateful Dead. As teenagers in the early 2000s, they played in a number of local New Jersey punk bands, such as Deviate, Deform, Makai and Grand Olde Party.

JNTP has refined it’s sound from the heavy power chords of hardcore to an edgier take on modern punk. Their music represents a nomadic, creative journey. The only remaining constant is their camaraderie...their brotherhood.

“Team Vagrant” brotherhood is best represented by a hollow eyed man dawning a pipe and beard. “‘The Vagrant’ is kind of like a mascot, a representation of simple pleasures and untold wisdoms, a modern day wizard. His home is on the road, forever in search of freedom, truth, and good times.” If you have spent any time around the colorful characters of Jack Names the Planets then you have undoubtably seen the icon “Vagrant Head” on everything from instruments and vehicles to prominently displayed tattoos.

“We are artists, it’s in our blood. We dabble in a lot of things. We each have our own passions that we pursue when we are not playing music and those experiences come together when we sit down to write. Our collective interests weave their way into our music and create a tapestry of stories and sounds that are uniquely our own. You can bet no matter what we are doing, Old Grey Beard will be close at hand.”

JNTP’s debut album, Ghost Stories, is set to release sometime in 2018 under their label: Vagrant Revival Records.




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